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Fx Replay isn't just a tool, it's a game-changing backtesting software that makes it a top choice for traders looking to gain an edge in the markets, every trader wants to achieve success, and backtesting is the way to do so.

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Join our Affiliate Program and, get your community a 15% discount code, enjoy a 20% recurring commission from the moment a user starts backtesting on Fx Replay.

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Dont just take it from us, here's what our users say about us.

Cant imagine a World without FX Replay anymore. It just became so insanely essential to me. Not only the live replay function, but especially the analytics you can see on your past strategies just take everything to a whole other level. For real, i would subscribe even if it was hundreds a month. I never have any bugs it just does what it should, and that by itself is literal magic

Devin Cebe


Game Changer! By far the best backtesting software I have ever used. I wish this was available when I first started trading this tool is simply a game changer. The automatic trade analytics and journal saves so much time.

Zach R


FX Replay blew my mind with their back testing software. In my view there is no software that comes close to this. Their statistics is the most incredible as it gives you insights into your trading that no other platform or software can provide

Prince Djanku


Become an Fx Replay affilate


Got questions? we've got you covered!
if for any reason you'd like further help be sure to email us at [email protected]

How will I know if my application is accepted?

Our team will review your application, If your application is approved and we would like to proceed with you being an affiliate for us, we will email you with further details.

What is the commission structure?

The structure is as follows:

- Get your community a 15% discount code
- Earn 20% in recurring commissions (every month as long as the user stays)

Commission structure can be custom as well.

How referrals are tracked?

You will receive access to our third-party affiliate software where you can manage your affiliate referral link. Users don’t have to get a subscription immediately after clicking on your link. They will have 60 days to do that. If the user clicks on the referral link again, the 60-day period will restart.

Do I get a free Fx Replay account?

Not straight away, after you have made some referrals we'll track your performance and see if you're eligible for an account, if so we'll set you up with a free account.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

You must have at least $200 in commissions in order to withdraw.